"Primarily involved in emerging renewable energy technologies, I may seem small now but don't plan to stay that way. That's why it's important I have a say in CEC policy development..."

  • Arise Energy Pty Ltd

    Arise Energy Pty Ltd which is an Australian based company was founded by Mr Ahmed El Safty (A qualified and suitably experienced Chemical Engineer) who has invented a bladeless, bearingless Steam Turbine. The product has been developed over a period of 8 years and a provisional patent has been lodged. Arise Energy will finalise the commercial development to bring it to market. Mr El Safty has 28 years of experience which has been obtained through his employment with Philips Scientific and Industrial (R and D Engineer), CSR (Synthetic Fuel R and D Engineer), Caltex Oil (Fuel and Lubricants engineer); Applied Chemicals (Petroleum Engineer); Environautics (Managing Director/Principal Engineer); A El Safty and Assoc. (Principal/Energy Development Engineer) and Arise Energy Pty (Managing Director). Mr El Safty has also designed and developed a patent pending lightweight dual axis solar tracker suitable for rooftops, which is currently available for market. Mr El Safty is now currently finalising the development of an energy storage device without the use of batteries for commercial and residential applications.

  • CCT Energy Storage

    In 2011 in a small factory in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, a tenacious group of scientists and engineers began researching, developing and designing a large-scale thermal battery that, if successful, could change the global energy market for the better. To be successful the battery needed to be affordable, versatile and long-lasting. Most importantly, it needed to achieve the elusive phase change state – the important point at which a solid becomes a liquid to be stored as latent heat. The next step would be finding a way to extract the heat efficiently and effectively. Climate Change Technologies Pty Ltd (CCT Energy Storage) was born in 2011 to further develop this cutting-edge technology. In 2012, CCT Energy Storage produced its first working scale prototype – the beginning of what would be a revolution in energy storage. Known as TED (Thermal Energy Device), the battery accepts any form of electrical input and converts and stores energy as latent heat. It is the first working battery of its kind in the world. In 2019 TED was unveiled to the world, with the first units tested in the field. Moving forward, TED will become widely available to commercial clients. At CCT Energy Storage we believe energy is a resource that should be accessible to everyone by remaining cost effective, environmentally-safe and sustainable. That’s where TED has an important role to play.

  • Chaac

    Chaac Technologies develops and deploys revolutionary atmospheric water generative technologies (AWG) to provide clean energy and water to service omnichannel industrial, agricultural, commercial, and consumer needs across the world.

  • Enesys

    Enesys links resources and recycles waste streams in ways that are seldom achieved within communities, business or in homes. We are able to do this by developing packaged Sustainable Technology Enabling Products that are independently intelligent and connectable so they can operate with each other as a whole, and talk to you any way you wish. In this “Plug & Play” era, low maintenance packaged energy and resource transformational systems are the key to economically installing ecologically sustainable systems that are user friendly, in increasingly more diverse and smaller places. Enesys creates solutions for and partakes in research and development in • Energy efficiency, energy storage and waste energy recycling • Renewable resources • Smart building design and materials • Zero discharge • Recycling water treatment • Biogas • CO2 utilisation • Enhanced greenhousing

  • FPV

    FPV is developing a novel patented floating solar PV technology. Current expenses are for patent protection and prototype construction. FPV redesigns standard solar module-panel-arrays for the express purpose of lowering the total system cost of installed solar-PV. By placing polymer encapsulated solar-PV cells directly on water, PV panel glass and frame is removed and most of the supporting infrastructure can be eliminated. Further cost savings are realised from fast, low-labour installation.

  • Key Energy

    Key Energy is an innovative energy storage solution provider that is unlocking a 100% clean energy future. We are a technology agnostic integrator of various energy storage technologies that include mechanical and chemical solutions. We serve the utility, microgrid, large C&I and agribusiness sectors' needs for storage and help maximise their ability and project return on intermittent renewable projects.

  • Solpod

    Commercializing new solar pv technology and methods for commercial and industrial rooftops.

  • Tractile Pty Ltd

    Tractile Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company. It supplies a 4-in-1 combination of roof tiles, insulation, electricity and heated water in one seamlessly integrated package. The Tractile solar roofing system is superior to traditional roofing products in terms of design, performance, energy and sustainability.