"Primarily involved in emerging renewable energy technologies, I may seem small now but don't plan to stay that way. That's why it's important I have a say in CEC policy development..."

  • Enesys

    Enesys links resources and recycles waste streams in ways that are seldom achieved within communities, business or in homes. We are able to do this by developing packaged Sustainable Technology Enabling Products that are independently intelligent and connectable so they can operate with each other as a whole, and talk to you any way you wish. In this “Plug & Play” era, low maintenance packaged energy and resource transformational systems are the key to economically installing ecologically sustainable systems that are user friendly, in increasingly more diverse and smaller places. Enesys creates solutions for and partakes in research and development in • Energy efficiency, energy storage and waste energy recycling • Renewable resources • Smart building design and materials • Zero discharge • Recycling water treatment • Biogas • CO2 utilisation • Enhanced greenhousing

  • FPV

    FPV is developing a novel patented floating solar PV technology. Current expenses are for patent protection and prototype construction. FPV redesigns standard solar module-panel-arrays for the express purpose of lowering the total system cost of installed solar-PV. By placing polymer encapsulated solar-PV cells directly on water, PV panel glass and frame is removed and most of the supporting infrastructure can be eliminated. Further cost savings are realised from fast, low-labour installation.

  • Tractile Pty Ltd

    Tractile Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company. It supplies a 4-in-1 combination of roof tiles, insulation, electricity and heated water in one seamlessly integrated package. The Tractile solar roofing system is superior to traditional roofing products in terms of design, performance, energy and sustainability.